How it all began at:

How it all began...

Stan and Hilary Roberts founded their plumbing and heating business in November 1967.

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Prior to that, Stan had been the manager of a large plumbing and heating company at a time when there was a huge building programme of new schools throughout the Country.  The experience he gained from these contracts stood him in good stead when he decided to start his own company in Chester.

With Hilary he formed a limited company.  Hilary taking care of the business administration and accounts and Stan the estimating and practical side.

They started in a small way gradually expanding, employing many local plumbers, and always having a programme of employing and training new apprentices.  In 1971 they acquired the workshop premises in
Chester from where the company continues to operate.

Stan was a member of the Institute of Plumbing, he is also a past President of the Wrexham and District Plumbing and Heating Federation and has been an examiner at North Wales Institute for practical exam course work.

In 1996 after 29 years Stan handed the company over to Stuart, Hilary remaining for another five years eventually passing over the administration to Liz.



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